Half Giant Northman


Scandinavian Male Half-Giant
Heavily armored.
Wields a sword and shield.
Gray skinned.


I first encountered Yhorm when assisting Head Librarian Nadia with the Planegate, however the quick nature of the task and head trauma I received during the mission left me unable to gather enough information to write a dossier. Now having spent more time with the man, I have enough of a read on him to say confidently he is a good man.

Yhorm is quiet. He did not speak much at all, let alone of himself, but he didn’t allow himself to get caught up in the mess of the wedding, and kept calm throughout the combats we encountered. He fights with an emphasis on teamwork and protecting his allies. Should we somehow come into conflict, however unlikely, I believe we would be evenly matched, though if I adopted hit and run tactics I do not believe he would be able to keep up with me.

He does not seem the type who would cause trouble, but I have yet to see him in a situation that forces him to question his allegiance or in a position to be manipulated, so I have little idea on how Yhorm will hold up in those scenarios.


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