Mesopotamian Arcane Knight


Mesopotamian Male Human
Well armored.
Uses both a greatsword and a magical maul (giant mace?).
Dark hair.


I encountered Nanum at the beginning of the Australia disaster. He was very disoriented and confused. He claims to be from a kingdom known as Uruk, but I have never heard of such a kingdom nor is it recorded in the Library of Alexandria. His story is outlandish, but is detailed enough I believe it has at least an inkling of truth to it. It is not unheard of for ancient Chosen to reappear in the modern age, though it is rare. I will not rule out the possibility he is insane, however, until I interact with him more.

Potential mental instability aside, Nanum seems a capable Chosen. He displayed a good work ethic and showed the ability to work in a team. As long as he does not let his personal issues get in the way of his duties, I believe he will be capable.

As far as his combat capabilities, Nanum seems to blend a modest talent with spellcraft with well honed martial talents. He is relatively hardy and capable of hitting hard as well, but his weakness seems to lie in his action economy and capability of dealing with targets at range. Nanum excels in close range single target elimination, but has difficulty spreading his attention and lacks a ranged option. If I were to recommend a course of action to deal with him, I would suggest either a sharpshooter or a full caster with good mobility. I believe I would have a decent chance against him if I stayed on the defensive or adopted hit and run tactics.


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