Liam McGhash

Dragonborn with Anger Management Issues, Possibly Deceased


Irish Red Dragonborn Male
Wildly flails about with a poorly crafted axe and shield.


Encountered in Australia, McGhash instantly displayed his unsuitability to the role of Chosen. He acted recklessly and instantly decided that everyone there was his ‘friend.’ The fact that most of the Chosen there seemed to find him distasteful did not seem to faze him, and when the Chosen Silversheen flat out refused to acknowledge his existence only seemed to make him more persistent in trying to gain her approval. Overall, he was utterly immature and is a disgrace to the honored title of Chosen.

In combat McGhash displayed little finesse or tact, and instead simply seemed to fly into a rage at the sight of combat, despite his professed pacifism. Wildly swinging his axe, he looked less like a man and more like a beast. I am unable to say with confidence that I would be able to deal with him in a combat situation. He’d likely shrug off my stunning strikes and even magical weapons seemed to have little effect on him while he rages. I’d expect disciples of the Sphinx and other casters with talent in attacking the mind would have an easier time dealing with him, but they would have to take care not to let him close in. Hopefully the rumors of his demise are accurate. I shudder to think of him traveling the world unchecked.

Liam McGhash

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