Khaba Kamuzu’s Logbook

I, Khaba Kamuzu of Egypt, Chosen of Anubis and Servant of Pharaoh Satiah Ramesses LIV, have been tasked with ensuring the proper conduct of my fellow Chosen in this new crisis of the Blood War.

After a lengthy review of the actions of the Chosen in the recent Umbral Crisis, I have determined that Iceland, in the region of Scandinavia, has had the most issues with Chosen acting recklessly and outright stupidly. While other regions have suffered their fair share of problems caused by Chosen, both the quantity and severity of the issues in Iceland are nigh apocalyptic.

Thus, I have been transferred to the Witness Faction in Iceland to assist in any way possible, to monitor the situation, and supervise Chosen activity where I can. Here I will keep detailed logs of my journeys, submit mission reports to the Witnesses of Iceland and to the Library of Alexandria, and keep dossiers on any and all Chosen I encounter or hear of.

Khaba Kamuzu's Logbook