Failures of the Chosen

Failures of the Chosen

Among the many great deeds the Chosen have accomplished throughout the world, a number of incidents stand out showing great failures and atrocities on the part of the Chosen.

Celt Lands

The actions of one Garren, Chosen of Goibhniu led to the awakening of three extremely dangerous priests to the (up until recently assumed dead) Gaulish god Cernunnos who corrupted both their god and themselves in a desperate attempt to reestablish communication. This led to the destruction of Great Yarmouth, home to Queen Boudicca II, a catastrophic clash between Cu Chulainn and one of the priests that turned a 6 mile radius into a wasteland by way of a divine storm, allowed the most dangerous of the three to become a being that encroached on godhood, and awoke to incredibly powerful and dangerous beings, one being Caoranach who flooded the British Isles with all manner of dragons, demons, and monstrosities before being killed, and one being known only as AF, apparently a celestial of enormous power that turned the area around Killycluggin to a bloody waste. At the same time, it is likely that the Dwarves would have eventually dug up the three priests, and the fact that Garren caused it to happen during a time when Chosen were frequenting the area may have been a blessing in disguise.


Prior to contact with Chosen, this region was all but unknown to the world. And of course, their first contact with the outside world was Chosen murdering the descendants of their pantheon and causing planar rifts upon activating the Waystones in Australia. In addition, Auritan, Chosen of Zeus introduced a foreign flora with addictive properties to the region that created a coca addiction epidemic and a shockingly large criminal organization to form in order to take advantage. Admittedly, it was not Auritan’s intention for any of that to happen, as he only gave the plant to his faction head, and the blame is not even close to being entirely on his shoulders. His actions in meddling with the body and soul of a native apparently caused a great threat to the nation, however details are unclear.


Following the end of the war against the Demon King Ravana, Yucatentes, Chosen of the Thunderbird, was instated General of India, and Antoine, Chosen of Ganesh, was instated Acting King of India. Yucatentes, with the permission of King Antoine, performed an act of genocide and inhumane internment camps upon the Indian tieflings before being consumed with guilt after certain apparently enlightening conversations with Slaad of all creatures. He was judged by a tribunal of his peers and accepted punishment decreed by Vishnu himself, redeeming himself in the eyes of the gods. However, his acts have caused the deaths of an incredible amount of individuals that likely had such bad karma before they had a chance to repent that he is likely directly responsible for hundreds of new troops for the fiends now waging war in the Material Plane.


Iceland. Oh Iceland. Two Chosen in particular have greatly contributed to the great destruction of this land. One, Olena, Chosen of Heimdall, released Hel from her prison in the lands of the First Nations, causing hundreds to die, as well as inadvertently causing the Nidhogg to be placed under the care of an army of undead as well as the yugoloths. The other, Zuma’kir, Chosen of the now defunct Ninurta, was responsible for a number of deaths among civilian populations before inviting the spirit of a powerful Lich to inhabit his body, which went on to wreak havoc for some time before the Chosen were able to put it down. Additionally, a number of Chosen allowed a rat-lich to go free, causing who knows what sorts of problems. Unfortunately, the other Chosen shot down what may have been the best possible solution to the rat-lich problem I have ever heard, importing a cat-mummy to eternally hunt the rat-lich. It has also come to my attention that Chosen knowingly abided by and even aided the continuation of a Yugoloth mining operation conducted upon the Nidhogg.

Failures of the Chosen

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