Solar Automaton


Male(?) Golem/Animated Armor of Questionable Origin
Naturally armored, though quite dextrous.
Carries a staff, though primarily uses radiant energy.
Made of metal, wears a necklace of prayer beads that apparently allow him to heal others.


One of the more confusing Chosen I have encountered so far.

He seems to speak fluent Gaelic which suggests Irish heritage, but his manner of dress and general philosophy seem to suggest an Eastern origin. But to my admittedly limited knowledge on the subject, sentient constructs are incredibly rare in those parts of the world. The last reports we received from the Chosen of Ammun before he became crowned King of Ireland mentioned an ancient dwarven kingdom under the Isles that had advanced automata, but no mention of any with free will.

While his origins may be a mystery, his talents are not. He is skilled in martial arts, and is able to channel his ki into radiant energy to strike at a distance. His prayer beads seemingly allow him to use this technique to channel his own life force to others, a very interesting ability.

As his abilities are similar to mine, I imagine the result of a clash between us would very much depend on our placings on the battlefield at the start of the encounter. He seems slightly less resilient than I (odd considering he is a construct), but has the advantage of better ranged options than I.


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