Crystalline Life Form, Vaguely Feminine


Emerald colored Crystalline Life Form, Vaguely Feminine
Unarmored, though its mineral body likely provides some protection.
Carries a polearm of the piercing variety. The tip seems to be made of the same material as it.
Accompanied by a similarly emerald jaguar.


Despite the efforts of several group members, we were unable to learn the name of this creature. While it was not averse to talking, and was willing to explain a number of strange things we found on the other side of the Waystone that landed on Bacupolito, it seemed to be treating most of us as we would treat children, if that makes sense. It carried an air of “I’m better than you” greater than that of even the fae prince we were accompanied by.

The creature knew a great deal about the environment we found ourselves in as well as the objects such as power batteries, ident cards, regeneration tanks, and more. It’s skill in combat was considerable, being able to deal great damage to its foes with its pike.

I recommend extreme caution when dealing with this one. It knows a great deal more than we do about the situation there, and is extremely dangerous in combat. I highly doubt I would be able to stand against it alone unless I was very lucky, or caught it while it sleeps, if it sleeps.

If any information about this creature or any like it exist in the Library, please let me know, I would like to research it.


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