Dragoness Druid


British Female Dragonborn (Wyrmling?)
Natural scale armor.
Spellcaster and shapechanger.
Silver scales.


SIlversheen seems to be a competent and compassionate ally. From what I have gathered, she is from a line of silver dragons in Britain that were betrayed to the red dragons by her eldest brother. This has caused some issue with another one of the Chosen, an annoying red dragonborn by the name of Liam. She refuses to acknowledge his presence, lest she be honor bound to kill him. Despite professing to not know of any red dragonborn accompanying us, she did make a casual effort to hinder his survival without being overt about it.

Normally I would consider this a dangerous character trait, but considering her personal history with those of red descent, and Liam’s own negative qualities, I do not see anything wrong with it. Perhaps I am biased by my own personal dislike of the man.

Silversheen seems to be a typical druid, of an arctic circle if her spellcasting is anything to go by. Should she become an issue, she would likely be one of the easier Chosen to deal with. Even in her faster forms I can outrun her and she does not seem exceptionally hardy, leading me to believe my stunning strikes would have a good chance of success. I doubt that I will ever come into conflict with her, however.


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