Overly Happy Skeleton


Deceased Mexica Male Skeleton
Seems to be a spellcaster of some sort, now has some sort of ranged weapon from a strange location.
Has some sort of band around his wrist.


Possibly the most unsettling Chosen I have encountered thus far, and that is saying something. He is a walking, talking skeleton. He does not seem to be a pharaoh, and it pains me to see him walk freely. Most infuriating is his tendency to make awful jokes. I can only assume they are word plays in his native language that are lost through the Cipher, but dear Ra they come across terribly. They are so bad a number of creatures have actually died from hearing him speak.

He seems to be a bard of some sort, though I do not know exactly where his talents lie other than telling bad jokes. Considering my skills, it should not prove difficult to deal with him should he begin to act like the average undead.

While I understand the necessity to cooperate with other cultures, even ones that treat their dead so callously as to let them walk around unwrapped, it is quite grating. As one raised in the ways of Anubis, I cannot bring myself to trust or like him. I will keep a close eye on this one.


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