Khaba Kamuzu

Egyptian Chosen of Anubis monitoring and supervising Chosen activity.



I am Khaba Kamuzu, son of Rie-aei Kamuzu, Priest of Anubis. I have seen 27 summers, starting in Abydos before my eventual move to Alexandria. My wife is named Katesch, and she is not long for this world. We have one daughter, Khata. For many years I studied under my father to become a priest, but pressing issues necessitated I take a different path. Following the onset of the Umbral threat, a special task force was trained by foreign Chosen to better prepare Egypt for threats of magical and extraplanar natures. I was chosen to participate in this training, and studied primarily under the Swedish Chosen Brynjar Einarrson, though I received some instruction from the linnorm Variss T’Chon Ss’Torr and Tias Ampherkazian, the latter of which primarily providing me with examples on how not to conduct myself.

Since then, I have been deployed on a number of missions of a nature not severe enough to require Chosen intervention. Minor witch hunts, retrieving rogue priests, the odd fiend routing, and the embalming of certain individuals. Most recently, however, with the eruption of the Blood War onto the Material Plane, I myself have been Chosen by Anubis. Upon reporting this to my division head, I was tasked with the duty of ensuring the proper conduct of Chosen in foreign lands. After going over a number of records in the Library of Alexandria, I came to the conclusion that my duties demanded a significant portion of my time be devoted to Iceland, and thus put in a transfer to the Iceland Witness faction.

I am 6 feet and 1 inch tall, weighing approximately 174 pounds. My skin is a tan tone typical of Egypt, my hair is black and somewhat unkempt, though it is often hidden by the mask of Anubis I wear for my duties. My Godsmark takes the appearance of a black ankh in the mouth of a jackal on the back of my right hand. Typically I wear the vestments of a lesser ranked priest, however as I am told Iceland is incredibly cold, I may have to invest in warmer garb.

Khaba Kamuzu

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