Dark Elf Bard


Female British Dark Elf
Lightly armored.
Carries a lute if I recall correctly.
Dark skin with light hair.


Arrived with Tristram. The two seemed to know each other. Like him, she recently died and was reborn through the waystones. She seemed to have a particular grudge against a King Uther, whom she and Tristram report as dead. While I did not pursue the topic, I believe I overheard that Uther had her people killed.

She has considerable magical talent, being able to easily neutralize large numbers of closely grouped targets. Having seen her slay seven uninjured gnomes with a single spell, I can only come to the conclusion that she is extremely dangerous if provoked. Being a dark elf whose people were killed by a king, her trustworthiness is somewhat suspect.

Hopefully she will prove a reliable ally. If not, my talents should suffice in dealing with her provided I can surprise her. Until I learn more of her talents, I will not be able to offer any more of an assessment than that.

She was unaware of what it means to be Chosen and was confused by the Cipher and waystones. As she drank and danced and played music for much of our journey, I worry she does not take her duties, however new they may be to her, seriously enough.


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