Guts (Likely a Mercenary Name)

Silver-Handed Brute


Irish Male Human
Wears a cloak that makes it difficult to tell how well armored he is.
Carries an enormous greatsword, possibly magical.
Dark hair, somewhat scarred. Artificial hand.


I have only encountered the man once, and I already imagine he could be an issue. I know little of his past, other than that he seems familiar with Griff and Zenyatta. What I do know is he has considerable combat skill. His fighting style is reckless and wild, but it deals a great deal of damage to his foes, and the man is resilient enough to take most of the blows he leaves himself open to.

Of distinct note is that when he draws his sword, it and his hand emit a silvery mist. Considering his hand is silver, that may be the explanation, but I would not be so quick to assume that his sword is completely ordinary. Further observation will be necessary however.

Guts’ judgement is not the greatest. He leaves himself open to manipulation relatively often. So far most of it has been relatively harmless (Griff tricking him into opening a cabinet or standing in front of a door to an unknown room), but I worry he could be tricked into something detrimental to the mission or worse. Additionally, he is quick to violence, having attacked targets that ostensibly wanted to provide medical aid. In this scenario he was correct, but I would be hard pressed to say he knew that they were lying and that he didn’t just act recklessly.

Guts will be a useful tool to point towards enemies of the Chosen, but I would not recommend letting him make important decisions. Much like with Griff, I do not think I would be able to take him down alone should our enemies manage to turn him against us. That said, I do not think he would turn against Chosen unless it was over something serious. He may be foolish, but he seems an honest fool at least.

Guts (Likely a Mercenary Name)

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