Griff (Likely a Pseudonym or Nickname)

Aoi Sidhe Barbarian


Feywild-native Male Eladrin
Proficient in both archery and swordplay, favoring the sword.
White hair.
Wears a crown of some sort.


Griff seems to be as straightforward as the denizens of the Arduenna Silva can be. He is a strong man with thick skin and a penchant for flashy combat. That said, he seems to be a rather reliable and honorable man who knows how to pick his fights. I personally owe him for pulling my unconscious body away from some sort of gazebo-mimic. He works well in a team for the most part, and is willing to listen to others despite having a relatively strong personality himself.

If only for the fact that he seems so normal and sensible, I am somewhat wary of him. That said, my time working with him has been fruitful. I imagine any other sidhe would aggravate me greatly.

I imagine that I would have trouble subduing him should it ever become necessary. He is resilient and would be able to resist my stunning strikes, and seems to be able to ignore pain to an extent. This is all in addition to being generally more resilient than myself. Worst case scenario I would need to enlist the help of at least one other Chosen should he end up a threat.

Griff (Likely a Pseudonym or Nickname)

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