Ermion Saperkowski

Human Empath Druid


Polish Male Human
Lightly armored.
Staff wielding spellcaster.
Black hair.


Ermion is one of the few natives of Poland I have met, and quite possibly the only one not mentally deficient. Of sound mind and even temperament, Ermion loves nature very much and tends to give almost everything at least one chance. He also displays a sound knowledge of the dangers of his homeland and makes every attempt to warn others. However, if people do not heed his warnings, he does not lose sleep over it. An adherent of a ‘survival of the fittest’ philosophy, Saperkowski accepts it as unavoidable.

He displays an eerie awareness of what other people are feeling, to the point I am convinced he must have some sort of empathetic power. Combined with his spellcasting ability and shapeshifting, it is possible he would be capable of anticipating and escaping any attempt to apprehend him should it become necessary. Thankfully, he seems to be one of the most reasonable Chosen I have met so far and has a strong moral compass.

Still, I know little about him. It is not impossible he was able to sense my suspicion and interest in the other Chosen and carefully tailored his actions accordingly, though unlikely.

Ermion Saperkowski

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