Buju Bantu

Monkey-like Martial Artist


Male Indian Vanara (monkey-like humanoid)
Hand to hand and staff fighter.
Was missing a finger, though it was regenerated somehow.


I encountered Buju Bantu on the ship as well. The amount of strange beings and sights in the area made it far easier to accept that the man is a talking monkey. He appears to be of Indian origin, native to the island of Sri Lanka.

Buju seems to practice some variety of hand to hand fighting similar to myself and Zenyatta, though his talents seem to be focused on more traditional uses for his ki. I am currently unsure as to how my technique would compare to his, however I feel my experience currently trumps his.

While his personality has not raised any real concerns, there is one thing of note that occured involving Buju. One of the rooms on the ship contained a number of large tubes of liquid that could be accessed by the personalized chits we use to access the ship’s systems. When he attempted to set up a profile (something I have avoided doing out of caution), its display said it detected a fault and asked if he would like to reset. He accepted, stepped into the tube, and seemed to vanish into the liquid before slowly reappearing with his missing finger regenerated. I cannot help but fear that there may have been something else altered that we will not know until it is too late.

Buju Bantu

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